We receive lovely messages from some of our customers, and we’d like to show them off to the world.

Thanks so much for my latest delivery which arrived to me in Melbourne really quickly. I love the new muesli with the nuts and will need to put in a new order soon as I am buying packets to give to my friends now - keep up the good work. I can’t believe the difference this muesli is to any that I have bought in the supermarket or health food store. I’m so glad we went to the Farmers Market when we were in Angaston and found your muesli!

Julie - Melbourne

I can’t live without your muesli (I have tried others from the supermarket) it's is the best tasting muesli I have tried. I'm so happy you are online so I can order and have my muesli delivered - very gratelful thanks Lee.

Ann - Queensland

I first tasted fleming & ware muesli at the Harvest Market some 2 years ago and loved it, I buy by mail order as it is convenient for me and an efficient way to purchase.

Kay - Adelaide